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Relationships Matter

Strong subcontractor relationships make all the difference. At E Contractors, we understand that relationships start at the local level when it comes to qualifying and awarding subcontracts. Our personnel are actively recruiting and qualifying subcontractors to forge relationships that are deadline-focused, budget-minded and quality oriented.

We employ a high-speed communication system that keeps all our partners connected to each other, their tools, project data and other vital points during all phases. We feel that we have an obligation to satisfy and exceed our clients’ project milestones within both budget and timely constraints. Our mission is to dispel common construction misconceptions – because simply, it doesn’t have to be that way.

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MWBE / HUB Program

We understand the challenges small companies face when trying to gain the experience necessary to work on large projects. After all, we are a HUB/MBE/SBE certified company ourselves.

We are one of the few construction companies to employ a full-time diversity coordinator on our staff. We are committed to maximizing the participation of underutilized businesses, and advocating for growth on behalf of small, minority and women-owned ventures. Our projects are supported by implementing a strategy that invites small and underutilized businesses to become more involved in growth opportunities. We also offer mentoring and advisory to those who want to enhance their businesses in the industry.  If you have any questions, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.

Subcontractor Insurance

E Contractors is a fully licensed and insured contractor with a high standard for safety and professionalism. We require that all subcontractors carry adequate insurance coverage to protect not only themselves, but the client as well. A copy of subcontractor certificates of insurance must be received by our office prior to commencing work.

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Subcontractor Registration

Our success depends on the quality of our subcontractors and vendors that we work with to complete our projects. We are always looking for highly skilled subcontractors and vendors to be part of our team. If you are a subcontractor or a vendor and want to work with receive and invitation to bid, please register with us.

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