Client Name: City of Sugar Land

Sector: Government

Contract Value: $515,854

Contract Delivery: TCPN

Scope: Construction of a 42’ high concrete marquee sign to house 2 LED display boards.

Work Performed: After the City of Sugar Land had put the project out for bid twice with no response, they approached E Contractors about doing the Marquee sign through our TCPN Contract. The sign is built as a (3) sided concrete structure. It has (12) 35’ x 2’ deep piers and sits on (3) 11’ x 11’ x 3’ thick pier caps. The structure has (3) cloumns 42’ tall that are wrapped in masonry brick and cast stone. The structure has an architectural structural steel component that helps holds the (2) 11’ x 18’ LED display boards that are controlled by a wireless montoring and programming system.

Schedule and Delivery: The project was scheduled for 120 days and was completed within the allotted time which included additional rain days.

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