Client Name: Aldine ISD

Sector: K-12 Education

Contract Value: $3,200,000

Furnish and install structures for Modular Neighborhood, including demo of existing.

E Contractors managed the demo of 7 posts existing on the site, 3 sets of benches on the site, existing storage containers on the north part of the parking lot, ramps, decks, rails, concrete sidewalk (about 400 sf) and canopies that located around T buildings after owner removed the T buildings, 560 sf curbs and paving that may under the modular building foundation, and a tree on the northeast corner of the parking lot.

E Contractors furnished and installed 560 sf heavy duty paving and excavated the detention pond and export soils, concrete foundations for the (2) classroom modular building, the storm drainage lines for the modular building to the MH-2, the sewer line for the modular building to the Prop Doghouse MH.

E Contractors managed the installation of 24 classroom buildings, the Gym building and Cafeteria building, sidewalk walkways, covered canopies, Fire Alarm, new electrical services for all buildings. PA System to all buildings, kitchen equipment for Cafeteria building, walk-in cooler and freezer, aluminum decks and ramps for access to buildings.

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